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12-Step Recovery Program
Fulford hosts several Twelve Step meetings a week. We provide meeting and special event space for annual functions and gatherings. Listed below are the groups who presently hold weekly meetings
  • Gamblers Anonymous (GA) – gambling issues
    Wednesdays (7pm)
    Contact: Harold (305) 935-2898

  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) –  cross platform drug issues
    Mondays – Fridays (10 am – 11am)
    Contact: Frederick (786) 306 – 2409

  • Alcoholic family members/friends (Al-Anon)
    Saturdays (6pm – 8pm)

  • Aprendiendo a Vivir Codea
    Sundays (7pm – 8pm)

If anyone has questions about issues they may be experiencing or someone close to them may be exhibiting, please check the following websites and helplines for further help:
We welcome all interested individuals at our 12–step meetings.
All are open discussion format, and have a “home meeting” flavor. All are non-smoking.