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Fulford United Methodist Church

Creating a Diverse and Loving Community of Faith


Robert C, Miami

Pastor Ginger and the staff at Fulford are a God send. Very welcoming and open to all in the community. ♥️🙏🏼

Nicole S, North Miami Beach

There is so much good to say about Fulford United Methodist!! It's the most welcoming church I've ever been too! They do so much for not only our community, but for other communities in need. I first learned of this church over 25 years ago, when I was invited to their 24 hour rooms that help people with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Dawn S, Broward County

Fulford is a beautiful place with welcoming people. I always feel at home here.

What does it mean to be Methodist?

The United Methodist Church stands as a global denomination committed to the ethos of opening hearts, minds, and doors through active engagement with the world. At its core, the mission of The United Methodist Church is to foster discipleship of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our world.

Being a United Methodist entails actively participating in this mission by putting faith and love into tangible action. Central to our belief is the understanding that God's love encompasses all people, and it is our shared responsibility to express and embody this love. The United Methodist tradition places a strong emphasis on God's grace and the act of serving others, rooted in the belief that Jesus Christ represents the fullest expression of God's love. His teachings, death, and resurrection serve as a testament to the fullness of God's care for humanity.

The Methodist movement, initiated by John Wesley in 18th century England, continues to influence and shape the practice of the United Methodist Church today. Wesley's teachings on practical divinity, which emphasize living out our faith, as well as his appeals to reason and experience, remain integral aspects of United Methodist practice.

In essence, the United Methodist Church is a community that seeks to embody God's love through active service and discipleship, carrying forward the teachings and spirit of John Wesley to make a transformative impact on the world.

Our History

Over 100 Years of Servicing The Community!

The life of Fulford United Methodist Church began in the 1890’s as a group of faithful Christians began meeting in the homes of Mrs. Alice Frohock and Mrs. Mary Fulford, wife of the founder of Fulford-by-the Sea, as North Miami Beach was originally known.  The small group grew enough to receive a charter from the Methodist Church in 1904, making Fulford the current oldest chartered Methodist Church in Miami-Dade County.  Over the years, Fulford absorbed some other Methodist churches, most notably St. Paul’s UMC and Rader Memorial UMC. The first church building was constructed in 1912, and the church was relocated to the current address in 1949 to facilitate the widening of 163rd Street. The sanctuary was rebuilt in 2002 in the same place as the 1949 building had occupied.


With over 100 years of history, Fulford United Methodist Church has a rich and vibrant tradition of worship and service. Our experienced team and volunteers are dedicated to providing meaningful experiences for our members and guests, whether through worship services, educational programs, or community outreach.

Fulford has truly embraced change and diversity! What was once a primarily white congregation has now blossomed into the most diverse assembly in the Florida Conference of the UMC. The vibrant mix of cultures, languages, and backgrounds makes every Sunday at Fulford an incredible celebration of unity in Christ. From former British and French colonies to Hispanic, Asian, and American English-speaking communities, the congregation is a beautiful tapestry of God's love. It's a place where people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds come together to grow in the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Fulford United Methodist Church is a beacon of hope and a testimony to the power of inclusion and fellowship.

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